About Wild Beagle

Wild Beagle – We Power Websites!

A Digital Agency

We use technology to support you and your online endeavors

Forward Thinking

We take risks, kick tires, and experiment to bring you the best services possible.

Problem Solvers

Our leaders are natural born problem solvers and shine at getting things done and making things happen.

Customer Support

Our staff members are some of the best forward-facing employees in our company. They use our product and have a deep knowledge of how our product works – to better support you.

Our Story


Wild Beagle was born out of our own rough trial-and-error experience with technology and website design.
Sometime, In the fall of 2012, we suddenly realized that many other webmasters were experiencing
the same frustrating experiences with the entire technological journey of website creation, website hosting
domain name purchase and more.


We started to look more closely at the process by talking to fellow small-business owners, webmasters, bloggers and other website owners and the more we talked the more we began to uncover, the more we were convinced that the experience of buying, creating and hosting a small business needed to be significantly better, not to mention easier than what it was. We fully believe the opportunity to fix the technology barriers that burden and block many folks on their online journeys. For that process to be a successful one, the journey must start with a forward-thinking company and savvy staff. Those very same people that own, manage and make decisions for that company must use the product, the services and support other small businesses in the process.


At Wild Beagle, we’re not just building another blog hosting service—we’re building a complete solution to replace your
currently outdated technology provider. To that end, we are extremely fortunate to have a talented, multi-faceted
team working with us to hunt down and tackle the different problems that many online business owners face when embarking
on their online journey. As a team, we are dedicated to delivering an excellent customer experience that treats each
customer we service with the same eagerness and responsibility that we’d expect for ourselves, as customers.

Bobby B.

Bobby B.

Founder & Owner

I love hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and pretty much everything else in the outdoors. I have a pretty darn good eye for capturing captivating images with a camera in my hands. I am somewhat nerdy, I love computers and embrace technology. I, also, consider myself a pretty darn good backyard gourmet, as well.

Lisa L.

Lisa L.

Customer Service

I enjoy being in the outdoors, hiking, fishing, etc. . .I believe everyone  should have access to good information, so I strive to bring the Outdoors to everyone through Articles and stories.