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The Hunting Magazine is an outdoor authority providing hunting tips, expert how-tos and much more for the avid outdoorsman.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wild Beagle is a premier online service for anyone looking to create a blog and for those active blogging enthusiasts. With Wild Beagle you can create a Free or Premium Website blog for your business.

What kind of clients can use the Wild Beagle blog hosting service?

The Wild Beagle Blog Hosting service is free to anyone looking to create a website presence to share with the world their personal adventures or for anyone looking to create a website blog BIG or small – we can host them all. So, no matter, if you’re creating a fishing blog for yourself, or if you own a business and want to create a new website the wild beagle blog hosting network is the perfect fit for you and your project.

Is the Wild Beagle blog hosting really Free?

Yes, its Totally Free to use our service. If you find that you either out-grow or want to add some premium features such as, Premium High Quality Website Themes, Increased Hosting Space or Start Your own Online Store you need to purchase an Up-grade from our trusted free blog hosting service to our Premium Pro Blog Hosting Service.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we have a very powerful affiliate program that allows you to refer users to the Wild Beagle Blog Hosting service and when they buy a premium account, you’ll earn $$$ for sending them our way. You can also take part in our Advertising Revenue Sharing program – where we’ll pay you for showing our advertising partners ads on your blog or website.

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